RuneScape 3 Melee Gearing guide

Combat is the most significant aspect of Runescape.


If you're considering returning to RuneScape This comprehensive overview of Melee gearing can be of help.


Combat is the most significant aspect of Runescape. The players can take on creatures ranging starting with the humble chicken, all the way to the formidable Kalphite King. The players can take on monsters through various actions or within the Wilderness.

Every skill is linked to combat in a way. It could be as simple as making potions using herbs or mining the ore to make armour and metal bars. This is the reason for the Runescape economy, where players are buying and selling weapons.

The damage you suffer during combat will be shown in the display in the form of "hit-splat". The damage is derived from your life points. The current life points, that are displayed near the minimap, are shown. They're represented as a line which is higher than both you and the opponent. The redder the bar indicates that you have fewer life points left. If you're unfortunate enough to die and respawn, you instantly in the location you select (Lumbridge is the default, however, players can select Camelot, Edgeville, or Falador). It is possible to respawn in your previous "hub", i.e. Falador in the event that you die in the Giant Mole has been killed. If you pass away in the Wilderness the gravestone that has your possessions beneath will be displayed on the day of your death.


Many skills can be tied to combat either by supporting the participant (e.g. making armour or potions) or directly taking part in battle. Every combat skill serves distinct purposes and it is recommended to master them all to increase your efficiency.

These two skills, although they aren't required to be used in combat, are valuable and are worth to master.


It's easy to increase your combat level. The majority of combat abilities can be acquired through combat in combat, except for the ability to pray, magic, or summoning. In general, killing monsters in Gielinor gives players combat experience. Combat experience is awarded to the selected combat ability. You can select the kind of experience you wish to acquire by going to the Combat Settings section of the Powers interface. The image is below.

The most powerful combination of combat skills in combat, ranged and melee, and magic combat is what determines the level of combat a player has. The formula is complicated however you can learn more about it on our Combat Calculator page. It is possible that your skills in combat do not improve if you increase your level in another category. If you have good melee but aren't Ranged levels, then you should consider the addition of Ranged levels will not affect your combat abilities until they're on the same level as your melee.

Jagex has altered the formula for combat only once in the history of RuneScape. The most notable change was to raise the maximum combat level to coincide with the 200M account birthday celebration. The original formula is displayed below for historical reasons.

Level = Defense Level + X + 2, where X represents the highest score in combat out of attack or magic ranged strength summoning, or strength.

A player is able to fight at three levels. The highest level for an individual on a free world is 126, and the maximum for members is 138 of worlds.


While abilities are essential in all forms of combat, they're particularly useful in fighting boss monsters or other players. Each ability has specific prerequisites and cooldown times to prevent players from using the same skill.

There are three kinds of skills: Threshold Basic, and Ultimate. Basic abilities don't require any adrenaline and also have the least cooling time. Ultimate capabilities, on the other side need 100% adrenaline and the longest cooling-down period.

You can hover over specific abilities to view the prerequisites. In the image below you will observe that Smash requires you to use two-handed melee weapons, and at minimum 20 strength. You can switch between abilities that you cannot utilize because you don't meet the requirements listed above by pressing the toggle in the top right corner. Below is a picture of.

It is crucial to remember that auto-retaliation can still be used in the majority of circumstances. But, in players vs. manager or player vs. manager scenarios, you'll need the ability feature to take advantage of the weaknesses of your opponent.

The Ability Book guide gives additional information on capabilities.


The most common armour in the game is made of metal. It is the initial piece of armour that new players encounter. It is smithed by other players (except for White and Black armour and Dragon armour). Metal armour is also dropped by a variety of monsters and is also available at special shops.

Take a look at our Smithing Tables to find out more on the stats for each piece of armour made of metal. These stats aren't available for Dragon or White/Black armour.

Armour in Black and White

Both black and white armour requires 25 defense. However there is a Prayer Bonus. Prayer Bonus has a Prayer Bonus of 1 for all white items, and there is no prayer bonus for black. Also, white gloves are available, however, there is no item that matches the black armour. White knight's armour is also able to be purchased at the White Knight's Armoury, or through other players. Black armour can be purchased via drops, treasure trails, or from other players.

Once you have completed the Wanted quest The White Knights' Armoury will become accessible to you. It is accessible after completing the quest Wanted. To get the item, talk to Sir Vyvin. The rank you have within the White Knights will determine which items you are able to purchase. The amount of Black Knights killed during the quest determines your rank.

Dragon Armour

Because of the cost of dragon armor It is usually utilized to display wealth, and not to show off its stats. It's not useless. But there are other options to use your money. A lot of Dragon items are available through drops or specialty shops that are only available after certain quests are completed.


God battles armor, among the best armors that you can find in the game is acquired from god's most powerful followers in the Dungeon. General Graardor drops Bandos armour along with his gang, and Nex drops Torva armor exclusively.

TETSU Armour

Tetsu armor can be acquired through the Player Owned Ports game. It is the most valuable armor that can be found in the game. The best Tetsu armor isn't traded, but it has slightly better stats than the tradable counterpart.


Obsidian armor is created by turning obsidian shards gathered from the Fight Cauldron game into obsidian bars and then making them into armour. (90 smithing is required for every item). The pieces of armour absorb damages, then diminish after a certain number of hits , and provide an advantage in accuracy in combat against TzHaar and TokHaar. The armor can split within RuneScape and make players suffer triple damage when worn outside of the TzHaar area.

More information is available within the Fight Cauldron guide's obsidian armour section.


Hybrid armor is among the strongest defenses within the game. It is only gained by winning a game of Castle Wars, Fist of Guthix or Soul Wars.

It isn't possible to get the entire assortment of items in a hurry since they're randomly awarded. Each minigame will only award one part of one of the three sets: Castle Wars, Fist of Guthix(gloves), Pest control (boots) and Soul Wars/legs, and TzHaar Fight Pits robes. All Hybrid armour boosters cannot be able to stack together with the Castle Wars armour sets. Hybrid armour is not able to be traded.

Black and white weapons

Both black and white weapons require the same amount of Attack. However the Prayer Bonus has the same statistics. White items come with one prayer bonus and all black items come with none of the prayer bonuses. White weapons can be purchased at the Armoury of the White Knight, or through other players. Black weapons can be found via drops, treasure trails, or from other players.

Once you have completed the Wanted quest The White Knights' Armoury will become accessible to you. It is accessible after completing the quest Wanted. To get the item, talk to Sir Vyvin. The rank you have within the White Knights will determine which items you are able to purchase. The amount of Black Knights killed during the quest determines your rank.