What are the most efficient runescape auras

In order to use an aura, you'll need to open the Aura interface.


An aura is a product you can buy as part of the Members Loyalty Programme. Activated auras can be purely cosmetic, offer a combat bonus, or be used to trigger a specific effect. An aura can be activated using the "Activate" option within the Aura management interface. A glow will appear around the left hand of the user when activated.

Xuan and Dilwyn can purchase auras at Solomon's General Store. Xuan can be found in the north-east corner Burthorpe Castle's, to the east of Burthorpe Castle and in Varrock Square. Dilwyn can be found within the Tower of Voices south-west of the Prifddinas lodestone.

In order to use an aura, you'll need to open the Aura interface. The interface is located at the bottom of the Worn Gear tab. The icon can be clicked to bring up the Aura Management window. You will be able to see the Auras in the categories of Owned, Un-owned, Skilling, Combat, and Favorites. Each category displays owned auras, except the Un-owned. You can click on an aura to see its description, duration, cooldown, and the activate button.

The benefits that are temporary with an Aura can't be stopped once activated and continues to function when you are logged out. It is necessary to complete a cooling down before you can activate them again. The cooldown and activation duration of an Aura are different for every Aura. The duration of activation can vary from 10 minutes to three hours, and the cooldown can take anywhere between one hour and 24 hours.

Each aura provides a brief effect which cannot be paused. When you remove an aura, it will stop the effect and decrease the remaining time to zero. You can determine the remaining time by clicking on an aura with an active aura and then selecting "Aura time remaining". The aura timer will not be activated if the account is closed while it is active.

The aura effects only continue after the player dies if they die in an area that has items available after death. Clan Wars or Duel Arena are two examples.

After use an aura, it must be cooled down before it can be used again. The specific aura will define the duration of the cooling duration. The cooldown duration continues after the player logs out. When an aura is deleted or disabled early, the remainder of the duration of the aura will be added to the cooldown duration. For instance, if the "Reverence" aura (1 hour activation, 3 hours cooldown) is removed immediately after activation the cooldown will show four hours prior to when the aura can be activated. Auras cool down within a matter of minutes after they have been activated. This is the reason why auras that are deactivated prematurely are more prone to cooling down.

Auras are untradeable, and they are not able to be used in PvP activities. They are not objects and are not able to be brought into Daemonheim other than the Festive aura and Daemonheim aura, or any minigames like Stealing Creation. The Aura management is not opened during these activities.

Auras can be divided into five different types of tiers. Five is the highest tier. It is cyan with a background, and all four circles are lit up. It isn't possible to purchase an aura belonging to an upper tier without having the lower tier auras, if they exist. Aegis was the very first aura of Tier Four to go live on 11/12 2011, which was the day of release. The first tier five auras were released on 27 January 2014.

An aura is able to be used over and over again, without waiting for the cooldown period to run out in the event that the next level of the aura is bought. For example the case where a player owned the master enrichment aura, used it for an entire hour before buying the supreme enrichment aura, they would immediately apply the most powerful enrichment aura.

Once an upgraded version of an aura has been purchased there is no way to gain access to a lower level.

Cosmetic auras affect only the appearance of the person, unlike other auras. They do not impact the actual game objects; they are just cosmetic overrides.

The eight gaze auras, that can be bought from Solomon's General Store a character's eyes shine with different colours.

In addition to the regular Solomon's General Store sales, there was an aura sale in May of 2019. In it, the vampyrism aura was discounted by 50%, and the crazy, maniacal or berserker and dark magic were reduced by 30%, and all of the remaining normal five and four-tier auras were discounted by 25 percent.

On the day of release of the second set of auras, each of the Greater auras were based on the image of their tier one counterparts within the Knowledge Base.

The day of the release, Greater quarrymaster said "5%" however, it was changed to "3 percent" in the Knowledge Base the next day. This is odd because the default version of Quarrymaster also having 3 percent.

The glow can be utilized together with the Abyssal Whip to create what appears to be magical runes that appear at the top of the whip when held.

The aura will float in the air for a few days after the release. However, it is able to be activated during cooking.

The glow in one's hands is not visible if one was to relax while the aura is active.

After completing the Nature Spirit's Grotto event during Temple Trekking the aura remains blue. It is fixable by wearing a different armor however, if you use the same armour it returns to blue. It can only be seen by the person who has the aura.

The aura remains red after Nex's blood sacrifice is made.

The aura remains green until the Kalphite King takes it on by slicing it with acid.

Your aura will activate randomly for no apparent reason. It happens regardless of whether your charge is full or not. The effect will be ended swiftly by switching the aura out.

According to Xuan auras are carved out from the bones of mythical animals in foreign places by the hands of time and mystics. The magic of bones is then channeled through the carvings, focusing force on the hands of the player or weapon. This could be a reference the Eastern regions in which Xuan is believed to have originated. This is because the Eastern regions are believed to be based on an ancient Asia and had the earliest Chinese remedies where rare animal bones were used to supposedly cure and strengthen people.

A glitch was discovered in the Dominion Tower. If you make use of an aura that is equipped with dominion blades, and it disintegrates the aura, it will remain there until you get another weapon. This glitch has been fixed.

Xuan says that auras may be worn on the hands, however they are invisible unless activated.

If you take out an aura that is ready to use, it will be in use once it is reclaimed from Xuan. It doesn't matter what cooldown it experienced when it was destroyed, even if you do it while it is on cooldown, it will still be available to use when it is reclaimed from the Xuan. Reclaimed auras are only available after the normal cooldown period and the time of the aura.

All Gaze auras will cause your eyes to back to normal when you have completed any activity. The aura's effects do not appear on your chathead.

It would cost you 3,239,000 loyalty points to buy each of the auras featured that are listed on this page. This would require an average of 106 months (8.83 year) of continuous membership (not not including bonus points from events or Premier Membership packages).

The Loyalty Shop added new auras on the 27th of January, 2014, and included the Legendary Tier 5 auras.