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The first thing I noticed when I was about to order my blue laser pointer was removing this blue laser pointer from the packaging was that it is surprisingly solid and heavy.


The first thing I noticed when I was about to order my blue laser pointer was removing this blue laser pointer from the packaging was that it is surprisingly solid and heavy. I wasn't expecting it to be done this well. When it comes to installing batteries there is no scam involved. You flip the back of it and inside is a plastic battery tray. I've personally seen much cheaper wagons in other items I own and honestly, I have no quality issues with the wagon at all. The carriage has markings on both the positive and negative ends next to the arrow that shows you which to insert at the end first. There are two sources involved with this laser pointer, one inside towards the head and one on the cap. Both feathers are very strong, so much so it was difficult to put the cap back on.

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The case is good quality, with O-ring seals and a black non-slip finish according to the photos. I don't have a way to test the power of its output, but it seems to order laser pointer 5000mw to do the trick. It is visibly cloudy, which in this case is a desirable property to indicate that the spectral output is sloping per specification. The only bad thing about this for me is the laser itself is sensitive to movement, the cartage (or whatever you want to call it) seems to keep the batteries from wobbling a lot. So the laser pointer would flicker or not turn on at all when I shook it. I somehow fixed it by filling some foam on the floor just so the batteries move less, it helps to stop the flicker, but occasionally I would have to hit it to make the laser pointer turn on.

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I bought this for my 9 year old son and he loves it. I think it's neat too. We can find fibers from other things in the carpet, find leaks, and just look at stuff in a cool new way. It seems to order laser pointers well made, not fragile. I just changed this rating from 5 to 4 stars because the 2000mw laser pointer stopped working so it took about a year (not sure why.) Fantastic powerful 2000mW output !! No need to be on your hands and knees, just walk through your house the laser pointers shine to see an animal on your carpets. Open up a great new world for you. Things look clean, but you will be amazed at the things that are not really clean. Do you know where to buy cheap laser pointers?

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Looking at capturing cat, and wanting something in the high power laser pointer that was portable, I ended up getting this device and am very pleased. Laser pointer is preferred as it minimizes the amount of visible green laser beam interfering with the observation. This transmitter causes a wide variety of everyday objects to fluoresce (and yes, cat urine is one of them). It also really costs up to nothing with glow-in-the-dark phosphors like a clock or costume. It works best with fully charged batteries (even if they are running under capacity). It gets a bit warm after a few minutes of use, reminding me that although its output isn't high, it's really kicking out the laser. For some entries, the green laser pointer must be held very close to them to see them fluoresce, while others shout out in a darkened room.