OSRS Holy Grail Quest guide

The Final Part of The Holy Grail Quest


The OSRS Holy Grail is the subject of numerous myths and legends. The Holy Grail is traditionally thought to be the cup Jesus Christ drank from at the Last Supper and that Joseph of Arimathea used to collect Jesus's blood at his crucifixion. Every player has the chance to experience this old legend within OSRS.
Camelot's quest series contains the OSRS Holy Grail quest. King Arthur is seeking the OSRS Holy grail. You are also being given by the King to go on a quest.
Requirements and Items for OSRS Holy Grail Quest
First, before you start this quest, you must complete the Merlin's Crystal quest. Then, you will meet an X-level 120 Black Knight Titan in the quest. To kill them you need to have at least 20 Attack.

You only need one item to get the items. It's Excalibur. Teleport to Camelot and Teleport to Falador are both good choices.

King Arthur Arthur
Talk to King Arthur first, and he'll explain everything about the OSRS Holy Grail quest. Talk to Merlin whom you can found on the first floor at Camelot Castle.

Go up the staircase that is located in the middle of the castle, and proceed to the south-east area, and he will appear once you enter. He will direct you to talk with Sir Galahad, who lives west of McGrubor’s Wood.

The Holy Island of Entrana
Visit Port Sarim to ask the monks permission to sail to Entrana. Monks won't let you to be admitted to Entrana when you are carrying weapons or armour. There is a deposit box right next to the monks, in case you forget to bank your gear.

Speak to the priest high up, and he'll tell you that the OSRS Holy Grail is not available. A strange old crone will appear, and inform you that Fisher King is in trouble. You will need to find six stone heads across the globe, then head to where they point with the magic whistle.

Utilize a combat bracelet to connect to the Ranging Guild and go to Galahad who's located in a house west of McGrubor's Wood. He'll give you a holy napkin if you tell him that you are looking for something from the Fisher Realm.
Head up to the top of Draynor Manor and enter the southern room led by Professor Oddenstein. It is essential to bring the sacred table napkin with youor else you won't see the whistle respawn and then take two magic whistles.

The Black Knight Titan
The scroll of redirection may be added to the teleporter's tablet to direct it to Brimhaven. There is also the option of taking an charter vessel to Brimhaven from Port Sarim and the Catherby docks. This costs 1,600gp or 480gp.

There is also the Fishing Trawler minigame to teleport and charter a boat to Brimhaven for 1,600gp. There is a goldmine north-west from Brimhaven once you arrive.

Look for the guard tower to the north of where the gold rocks are. Once you are there, climb under the tower to use one of the magic whistles, and you'll be teleported to the Fisher King's Realm. If you're not at Combat level 41, be certain to bring antipoison since there are level 20 poisonous scorpions.

To reach the Fisher King, you'll have to cross an overpass. The Black Knight Titan stands there and will not let you pass without a fight. The titan has to be defeated using the Excalibur blade alone however, you can make use of other weapons to bring down his health.
The titan does not have any particular weakness that is specific to the style of attack, however the titan is ineffective against Ranged and Magical attacks, which is why you should choose Melee. To eliminate the titan you can employ the hit-and- run method. But, ensure that the final stroke is from Excalibur.

Once you've killed the titan after you have killed the titan, cross the bridge and continue south along the river until you come across an unnamed Fisherman. Ask him how you can enter the castle. He will explain that you need to ring a bell.

There is a gold bell just in front of the castle's entryway. Ring the bell, and when the dialogue is over, you will enter the castle, take the magic whistle in the ground.

Go up the stairs, and then speak to the Fisher King and select option three. The man is sick and wants to see his son once again. The son's name is Percival, and he is an aristocratic knight at the round table. Then, blow your whistle again to be teleported away, or directly to Camelot if you have the runes.

The Final Part of The Holy Grail Quest
Talk with King Arthur. He will tell you that Percival isn't within his control. He will give you the magical gold feather that will point to the boots made of gold Percival was wearing. You can blow on the feather to lead you towards Goblin Village. Teleport to Falador and then go north.

After you arrive at the Goblin Village enter the house on the east side, unzip the sacks, and you'll be able to find Sir Percival. Let him know that your father would like to visit him. Percival isn't sure how to get to the castle so the last magic whistle from your collection will be handed to him once the conversation ends.
Like before, return to the Fisher King's Realm. You can travel there with fairy rings (BJR). Go to the location where the Fisher King resided and enter the castle.

Follow the door to the south-eastern side and then go to the tower and up the steps. Then, you will be able to find the Holy Grail by climbing up the ladder. Then, go back to King Arthur in Camelot and talk to him.